Don’t Drink the Water


November 18th, 19th and 20th, 2016

Greetings from behind the Iron Curtain! Travel back to 1960s Communist Europe as the incompetent Axel Magee works to make his mother proud by manning the United States Embassy in her absence. After a group of Jersey tourists, the Hollander family, are cornered for illegal photography and chased down by the Communist police, they find refuge in Axel’s outpost. Weeks go by and the Hollanders have the privilege of meeting a temperamental chef, a crazy nun, and several other characters they could have gone without. Want to see if the Hollanders can safely escape before Magee finds a way to run the embassy into the ground? Come see TheatreMcLean’s laugh-riot production of DON’T DRINK THE WATER by Woody Allen. 12$ online at, $15 at the door.

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Cast A
Friday, Nov 18, 7pm
Saturday, Nov 19, 2pm
Cast B
Saturday, Nov 19, 7pm
Sunday, Nov 20, 2pm
Axel Anthony Salazar Eli Wassertzug
Susan Abby Covington Ruby Larimer
Walter Joey Barth Trevor Hazen
Marion Rachel Weatherby Kristen Waagner
Drobney Emily Swett Abby Comey
Ambassador Julia Luigs Jordan Prather
Kilroy Haley Rose Ralph Whitfield
Krojack George Stifel Carmen Beadie
Chef Lauren Grobman Alexandra Lagos
Burns Carenna Slotkoff Ang Gardner
Sultan of Bashir Billy Clements Blake Johnson
Sultan’s Wife Easton McCullough Christina Romano
Kashner Anna Kate Womack Rae Redding
Countess Rachel Jaffe Heidi Weiss
Ensemble Ashley Winegarden, Georgia Titus, Alex Weinstein, Amanda Flores, Rachel Kulp, Rebecca Blacksten Nat Laborde, Celine Jelinski Bryn Kirk, Matt Lindeman, Alexa Luchetsky, Alex Smithgall