VHSL (Virginia High School League) — The Virginia High School League is an alliance of Virginia’s public and private schools that promotes education, leadership, sportsmanship, character and citizenship for students by establishing and maintaining high standards for school activities and competitions.  They hold clinics and competitions for sports and also for theatre, forensics and print publications. Conference level presentations usually occur in January.


VTA (Virginia Theatre Association) — A state theatrical association which holds a conference annually in October in various locations around Virginia. The VTA’s annual convention gathers theatre lovers from all over the Commonwealth for three plus days of workshops, performances, auditions and college recruiting. Seniors are invited to participate and Juniors are invited to observe at the Association’s 2017 conference Oct. 25-29th in Norfolk, VA. See Mr. Reid for details. If your Senior is participating, we’d like a Senior Parent to serve as a parent liason to help Mr. Reid with logistics of hotel and transportation. Chaperones are needed as well. Please let us know if you can help fill these needs: theatremcleanboosterclub@gmail.com.


Virginia Thespian Festival – The state chapter of the International Thespian Society which holds its state conference annually in January.